Many care homes are still managing case records on paper, which is often overwhelming and inefficient, but likely the only feasible way in a time of financial crisis. However, Log my Care is a new electronic care management system for use by carers, care managers and care home owners, and it is already up to date with General Data Protection Regulation requirements. It is designed by carers for carers, and its core system is completely free. This means that it is now accessible to everyone. The software consists of two parts: The Carer App and The Care Office.

The Carer App
This app can be used on any device, therefore care homes are not required to purchase expensive hardware to run it on. This app is designed for front-line staff to record at the point of care. It enables high quality efficient delivery of care as users would have access to daily agendas that would highlight if any tasks were overdue. The app is intuitive, with simple icons and questions to guide carers in creating care notes. Not only does this save time, but it also reduces the likelihood of grammatical errors, which the CQC often raise as an issue during inspections.

The Care Office
The Carer App feeds all information to a web portal, known as The Care Office. This is designed for managers and owners to be able to coordinate care across their service, for example by setting ‘to-do’ lists for staff and reviewing care logs. It can assist them in setting care standards and also provides an audit-trail.

The overall aim of Log my Care is to enable services to deliver high quality, efficient care by reducing repetitive administration tasks and therefore freeing up time for more important activities. Log my Care has been used in a few care homes already, and has reportedly saved each staff member 2 hours of their time each day.  As an app, homes would be able to install this and immediately begin using it to see results.

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