About Us

ProRisk Care Consultancy (PCC) are a Brighton and Hove based consultancy business, covering the whole of the UK.  The team at PCC provide you with access to a wealth of quality management and innovation expertise. Access to such quality management systems will enable you to provide evidence of your commitment to providing exceptional quality of care. We can also provide a PRI review service, business planning, Health and Safety, HR and financial management consultancy aimed at driving up the quality and value of your care business. PCC is a ‘Consultancy Plus’  service that offers more than just advice, template documents and policies. PCC works with your management and staff to develop continuous innovative and sustainable enhancements to care service provision, longer term project work and can also offer rapid response emergency crisis interventions.

PCC works in partnership with providers, clients, staff, families and stakeholders to develop proactive systems and solutions, ensuring robust quality infrastructure.  PCC can help you create and project your organisational vision, enabling your management team to build and engage highly motivated quality focused teams.  PCC work with our clients on short term solutions or in the longer term; we are as involved in the project and it’s implementation as the provider wishes and we achieve sustainable outcomes as a result.

PCC will initially use our quality and innovation toolkit to identify any strengths or weaknesses in care services. We discuss the issues, provide recommendations and solutions, and make proposals for change, before introducing, implementing and supporting management in the development and establishment of sustainable quality enhancements.  By the end of the consultancy term, the care business will be able to demonstrate vision, mission and evidence based practice that fulfils the requirements of the Care Act and the regulators.

This is Total Quality Care and its evolution is endless.