The Social Care Commitment is backed by the Department of Health, and signing up is an important step for your business, your staff and the people in your care. It provides documentary evidence of your intentions and aspirations for meeting the required care standards during CQC inspections, it improves staff training and it enhances service user welfare. Signing up to the commitment takes only a few minutes, but it could have a tremendously positive impact for the future.

The Social Care Commitment is one of the most important developments within the adult care sector. It links holistic care for all stakeholders – those cared for, those providing care and external services – and provides assurance in the service values and upholds strong principles of honesty, transparency and continuous improvement in all they do. Signing up to the Social Care Commitment sends a clear message to all those involved with the service that there is a strong commitment to delivering the highest possible quality of care.

Furthermore, it emphasises that staff, and those being cared for, are valued and that their opinions are taken into account and acted on. By signing up, taking action and promising to provide quality care in every sense, it shows that the service is serious about sustaining high quality care and recognises the benefits and enhancements to service innovation provided by staff that are well trained, involved in service design and who have a say in service delivery. This is not a promise that can be taken at face value: the service needs to live and breathe this commitment and exhibit this in every word and deed.

So what exactly is the Social Care Commitment?

It comprises seven statements with associated ‘I will’ tasks.

Care organisations are required to:

  • Take account of potential employees values, attitudes and behaviours,
  • Provide detailed induction training,
  • Provide staff learning, education and development opportunities
  • Encourage staff to sign up to the Social Care commitment
  • Take responsibility for the values and behaviors of staff
  • Monitor Skills and behaviour
  • Ensure a positive culture and working environment.

All staff and volunteers are asked to make their own individual commitment and undertake tasks to:

  • Take responsibility for things undertaken or not undertaken
  • Uphold the rights of the people in their care
  • Work co-operatively with others to ensure quality care
  • Promote the well being of all in their care
  • Respect confidentiality,
  • Improve quality of care
  • Promote equality, diversity and inclusion

The Registered Provider must take the first step by making the company commitment, and then encourage employees and volunteer helpers to make their own pledge. This enables the entire workforce to be involved in raising standards and improving quality of care. Upon signing, companies and employees gain access to a range of resources to deal with any training gaps that emerge, as well as resource to support care records, such as report writing.

This is a public declaration. Members of the public can look on the NHS Choices website or the Social Care Commitment website to see who has signed up.  The Social Care Commitment is fully supported by the CQC.

“We know from our inspections there are some fantastic care services, some that need to improve and some where standards are unacceptably low and need to change. I hope that employers and staff will use the commitment to help ensure the delivery of safe, effective, responsive and well-led services that we expect.”
– Andrea Sutcliffe, Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care

Signing up to the Social Care Commitment is quick and easy. It can be done online at

A few minutes online will make a tremendous difference to the future of your care service.