How do you believe care providers should be inspected? This is just one of the topics under discussion by the Care Quality Commission, which is in the final stages of compiling its business strategy for the next five years. Views are now being sought on that strategy, and time is running out if you want to make your comments known.

This is your opportunity to influence the way your industry should develop over the next five years. Do you agree with the Care Quality Commission’s proposed vision of the future? Make your views known now before it is too late.

The potential changes will have a significant impact on the care industry. The Care Quality Commission states:

‘The way that health and care services are used and delivered is changing. At the same time, we need to adapt to these changes and deliver our role with fewer resources. We need a new strategy to help us become more efficient and effective so that we stay relevant and sustainable for the future.’

Among the changes being proposed, there are plans to reduce the number of inspections of care providers. Instead of visiting services and talking to users, staff and checking provision, the Care Quality Commission believes that the services should be checked differently, for example by looking at what is known about the provider. This will enable the Commission to carry out visits where they are most needed and is considering focusing on how health and social care services work together in providing for different groups of people.

All responses have to be made by midday 14 March 2016. All the documents can be downloaded direct from

Comments can be sent by email to

Or by filling in the online form available on the website.

Read the documents and take action. Decisions made as a result of this final consultation will affect the care industry for the next five years – which is a very long time! Patient care and the development of the industry, and your careers, will be affected.